Text 8 Jun Chaotic Hearts

Chaos and order intertwined together

The perfect harmony orchestrating the turn of events

Guided by dreams and fantasies, reasons and wishes

An everlasting need to experience that which we do not know

The need of choice and the lack of knowing our innermost desires

The weight of the world crashing at our feet

The fear of choosing a path and not knowing where the other one leads

But what is life if not a gamble, a dice roll into a sea of possibilities

It is in that blind choice that our character prevails

The greed of everything overcome by the soothing joy of contemplating what we have

When a tree springs from the earth

it does not wonder why it wasn’t born in the depths of a forest

But rather it fulfills its destiny bathing on the sun

and searching for water even if in arid lands

Breathing life into the world and growing its centennial branches

When a wolf is forsaken or looses its pack

It does not lie in its death bed wondering why it deserved a painful fate

It walks through the land growing ever stronger in search for a new world

But we are eternally unsatisfied with the time that was given us

Eternally ungrateful for the sands of time falling amidst our fingertips

Consequently guiding us to the dark side of our hearts

Why are we sightless of the lessons though by the ageless world around us?

Why can we not blossom at the given time when the wind whisper in our ears?

Or allow the sand to brush from our path before walking into the unknown

The constant need of everything leads to the loss of all things

The futile attempt to control the universe leads to the birth of chaos in our hearts

Until the last ripple in the pond of our lives resonates into the oblivion our minds

- Kam

Quote 8 Jun
Do your own thing…
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Text 8 Jun

We are all born to be dream chasers,

Racing through life so that love we can savor

Fighting each day for a peace that seems unreachable

For a future that could finally be unimpeachable

So we fight amongst ourselves as if we raced to a opposite end

We learn that solitude we must befriend

But we are all born to be dream chasers,

Its not life that beats us into submission

Its the negligence of our own mission

The loneliness of our decision

To wage war against our kind

Until the day we realize that our species has the same mind

But we are all born to be dream chasers,

Tracing the lines that brought us together with blind erasers…

- Kami

Photo 8 Jun I’m bored snapchat me : kamiwira 
I live in a military base and i need new friends from the outside world :)  

I’m bored snapchat me : kamiwira

I live in a military base and i need new friends from the outside world :)  

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Text 4 Feb Remember the Seasons

Words can’t express,

desirable test,

Blossoming flowers

in this spring’s nest

sun’s warmth awakes from its rest

peaceful woods vivid full

April rains falling blue,

Than will come the summer

Heat at its peak

kids running with smiling faces

party and fun through out unlaces

Until the wind starts blowing

when the colors turn orange

when the flowers goes to sleep

when the white moon howls

Once again comes the winter

the crystal snow gently falls

the purity that covers us all

with a shy cold touch embraces us all

And once again this april comes

all these seasons up and gone

i stand here with nothing but words

looking out the rainy road

time passes and so i see

no matter what you still not here

the touch that warmed my winters

the kisses that cooled my days

the smile that made my Aprils

the love that blew the world away

-By Kami

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